However, Camelot is not Mike's favourite company at the moment because it took weeks to get point of sale material to the store. Indeed, the couple have only just received the Instants unit without which they were unable to sell the games. Says Mike: "Camelot has been useless because we got the play station late and it's been frustrating to have Instants and no way of selling them. I didn't want to risk just putting them out on the counter." Mike reckons it'll take a while for people to know the store handles the lottery, but it has the potential to draw in £3,000-4,000 when they do. "There are a couple of other stores that do it near here and I think we'll take business from them." The recent warm weather has worked wonders for ice cream, beer and soft drinks sales and the wholesalers are delivering ice creams three times a week. Mike says the World Cup failed to affect sales very much and the pair relied on manufacturers' promotions rather than any of their own. The new store manager is settling in well although the evening supervisor has just left, which has meant a staff reshuffle. Says Mike: "We're not advertising his post ­ we think we can cope." However the couple's daughter will start working for them in the next few weeks, for the short-term, which is good news for Mike."She has worked in stores before." The Clarkes still work long hours and say a planned holiday must be put off until September. "We are still playing catch-up and staff who have children like to go away in July and August, so we'll fit in after that. We live in hope!" {{FEATURES }}