Source: Prime Tracker UK

Prime Tracker UK polled its Twitter followers and found 44.1% of shoppers had seen or paid over the £2.99 rsp per bottle

Spar retailers are facing a wave of complaints from shoppers accusing them of overcharging for the in-vogue Prime energy drink.

The issue surfaced on Twitter this month following a poll carried out by Prime Tracker UK, which attracted nearly 5,000 responses. It found that 44.1% of Spar shoppers had seen or paid over the £2.99 rsp per bottle. 

Tom Bastable, developer of the Prime Tracker app, told The Grocer that of the stores reported as being over the rsp, the average price sat at £11 per bottle, with the highest reaching £18.

One Twitter complaint read: “Saw a Spar selling it for 5.99 on here. Madness to think people are getting finessed for a drink that costs £2 in Asda.”

Another said: “I asked my local if they were able to bring the price down. They said ‘it’s on the system’ and can’t change.”

Bastable explained that ever since KSI, co-founder of Prime energy drinks, recommended his app, he felt a sense of responsibility to echo his message of fair pricing.

“He’s given us a massive platform, and I hope we’re using it in a way he’d approve of,” said Bastable. “Because of that, we’ve spent the last week or so phoning Spar stores that are profiteering and asking them to reduce their price. We need to remember amongst this madness that £2.99 is still expensive for a 500ml drink.

“Spar needs to communicate to their independents that this is not acceptable, especially when we’re in the middle of a cost of living crisis.”

The Grocer reported last week that Spar was working with US distributor Congo Brands to give retailers access to Prime energy drinks, making it the first symbol group in the convenience channel to stock it.

Five flavours are available in 500ml bottles – Tropical Punch, Ice Pop, Meta Moon, Lemon & Lime, and Blue Raspberry – across CJ Lang, James Hall, AF Blakemore and Appleby Westward.

In response to the complaints on Twitter, Spar said: “We are working closely with our network of Spar UK owned stores and independent retailers to ensure fans can get their hands on Prime drinks and investigating reports of increased pricing. Customers are advised to contact their local stores for more info on stock.”