Kellogg has unveiled ambitious plans to move its Special K cereal brand into the savoury snacking market.
Special K Lite Bites build on the brand’s heritage by targeting consumers looking for healthier snacking products.
The crispy corn lattices are toasted rather than fried to give an 8% fat content and to make them “light and crunchy”.
Lite Bites come in cheese, tikka and sundried tomato and basil flavours. They are packed in 28g bags (rsp: 39p to 49p) and a six-pack (rsp: £1.99).
The launch will be supported by a £3m marketing campaign
including TV support due to break in June.
Although Lite Bites are not due on shop shelves until next month, retailers got an early taste of the new range at the Convenience Retailing Show in Birmingham this week.
Sales of healthier snacking products are booming. Kellogg has tapped into that trend with its cereal bars. Special K cereal bars alone generated sales of £15.6m and growth of almost 29% in 2003, according to The Grocer’s Top Products Survey.
Kellogg’s sales director Kevin Jones said the ongoing success of the bars, growth in sales of the cereal itself and the launch of Lite Bites would turn Special K into a £100m brand this year.
Lite Bites will take the brand into territory dominated by Quaker Snack-a-Jacks. But Jones said the Special K product should open up a new segment of the market - cereal snacks - and would grow the overall healthy snacking category.
Julian Hunt