Source: Booths

Booths has recently returned to the black after Covid demand drove ‘extraordinary’ bump in profits

Northern retailer Booths has seen Christmas sales increase by 6.5%.

The family-owned grocer also recorded total revenue growth of 4.3% as well as a retail like-for-like rise of 4.2% over the peak three-week trading period compared to 2020.

COO Nigel Murray said he was “delighted” to report growth on growth figures for a third consecutive year.

“Christmas at Booths is a true team effort of 12 months in the planning,” he said. “Customers planned and ordered early with significant increases seen in the number of Christmas pre-orders received in October and November.

“Equally, customers clearly trusted Booths to ‘deliver the goods’ as the final trading week saw record sales levels achieved.”

All like-for-like sales figures exclude Booths’ Media City store in Salford, which closed in early 2021 due to low footfall levels.

Some of the Christmas staple categories that experienced higher year-on-year growth included frozen party food (up 170%), champagne (up 21%) and poultry (up 14%).

Sales of mince pies rose by 8% from 2020, while sales of English wines were up by 4%.

Meanwhile, Booths also recorded its “best ever” Christmas week in terms of customer satisfaction – its Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures customer satisfaction, for the week ending 25 December 2021 was 74%.

“I pay particular credit to the teams who kept smiling behind their face masks to deliver warm and friendly service in our stores and the top levels of quality and availability achieved against some incredibly challenging market conditions,” Murray said.

“Our 3,000 colleagues strive to deliver the very best food and drink along with our renowned warm northern welcome.”

Booths’ Christmas update comes just weeks after the independent retailer posted profits for the first time since 2015 on the back of increased Covid demand.