Fortnum & mason Speculaas Sandwich Biscuit

Fortnum & Mason’s biscuits are one of the Queen’s grocer’s most iconic products

Fortnum & Mason is rolling out a new refillable trial that will let customers keep their iconic biscuit tins instead of buying new ones.

The luxury retailer will soon launch a new initiative that lets shoppers order refills of their favourite Fortnum’s biscuits online, including the popular Toffolossus, by scanning a QR code on the back of the tins with their phone.

The code will then take them to the online shop, where they can buy the refills in cardboard boxes instead of ordering new tins.

This is the London-based retailer’s latest move to improve sustainability practices across the business, following a decision to introduce new paper bags in its food halls to cut down plastic usage.

Other efforts include offering £5 gift cards to customers who return their Fortnum’s hampers, and launching a series of other sustainable festive products like reusable Christmas crackers.

“We have a rich history of not only championing traditions but also driving innovation,” the company said.

“Whether it’s removing plastic from our ambient deliveries, our refillable and reusable hampers, or ensuring that we support small businesses who also take sustainable change seriously.”

Early last year, the upscale grocer removed all plastic packaging from its popular own-label tea products.

The eco-friendly rollouts are part of its Future Matters programme, which has seen Fortnum’s commit to phasing out single use plastic by 2025 while investing in more recyclable and reusable packaging.