Pop-up grocer Raye is set to open its first ever beauty-only offering.

The new store, Raye’s sixth ‘edition’, will be located in Notting Hill and will run from 23 March until 20 April. It’s the first time Raye, which stocks emerging food, drink and wellness brands, will open a store dedicated solely to beauty and health brands.

The range will include skincare, bodycare and haircare alongside supplements, herbal boosters and home products. It includes new-to-market brands like Beauté, which makes a face butter from macadamia nuts, and Mirror Water, a skincare range founded by the YouTuber Estée Lalonde.

A range of events have been scheduled throughout the 29-day opening, and listed brands will be able to host taster sessions and sales events in a dedicated workspace at the store.

“We are delighted to offer our first beauty and wellness focussed shopping experience in line with our mission to support emerging brands,” said Raye founder Nicole Compen. “We are excited to bring another unique experience to London customers, with an all-around education in beauty, health & wellness.”

Dutch-born Compen opened her first Raye ‘edition’ in June 2021 as a way of providing new to market food, drink and wellness brands experience selling in a physical store.

Compen focuses on stocking predominantly UK-founded brands, and said that 90% of the products listed in the new store would be from the UK. Past Raye listings include Milliways plastic-free gum, which is now stocked in coffee chain Pret a Manger, and water brand OHMG, which is now stocked in Whole Foods Market. Compen has also hosted buying days for department stores.

Compen said that while this latest store was specifically focused on beauty and wellness, Raye would launch more stores focused on food, drink, and wellness this year.

“We want everyone that enters Raye the store to step in and be inspired by new products which they may have not come across otherwise,” Compen said.