Wimbledon and the start of summer. The two events are guaranteed to mean increased activity from at least two of the tennis sponsors - Ariel and Robinsons.

Ariel has been linked with the Wimbledon Championship for many years, but this year the brand has gone one step further by ­cleverly ­redesigning its packs with the 'Champ Whites' design.

The in-store offers focus primarily on the save mechanic, but with the added element of the new pack and logo designs combining to make a real visual impact, rather than just the usual flash or additional PoS ­material, this ensures consumers continue to link the brand with great performance and championship whites. Ariel recorded activity across three of the five retailers with gon­dola end promotional displays.

Robinsons had offers in all five ­retailers with its Special R Squash and Fruit Barley one-litre variants. Britvic has again combined buy-one-get-one-free and '3 for £2' offers on the Robinsons range with the opportunity for consumers to win Centre Court tickets with its 'Winbledon' on-pack promotion, ensuring the sponsorship link is not lost.

When looking at branded activity, chilled has seen an increase in both the branded space allocated and the number of different products vying for position, moving the category to third in the chart. Chilled has been top of the own label category chart all year, with Sainsbury recording the most activity.

Tesco has recorded third place in the retailer chart on overall activity for the first time this year. From the information captured, it shows the retailer has not significantly ­increased the amount of space allo­cated to featured space promotional activity, especially as Tesco tends to favour gondola ends and promotional fridges and freezers, so it seems the retailer has started to share promotional space rather than having the large single brand/product displays and promotions ­previously recorded.