Interbrew UK has gone to war for the latest in the series of TV ads for Stella Artois. Returning Hero is the first new ad in the Reassuringly Expensive series since 1998 when Last Orders was unveiled. It is the seventh in the collection. It was launched this weekend at the Stella Outdoor Tour event in Brighton, will go on cinema screens nationally from August 25 and on TV from September 17. The new ad has the First World War as a backdrop. Its hero returns home to find he has not quite done enough to earn a Stella. Brands director Richard Evans said: "Part of the success of the brand is down to the fact that we have had a consistent message and advertising for two decades while many other brands have tried to reinvent themselves every few years. Advertising plays a crucial role for Stella Artois because it allows us to communicate with a broad audience of beer drinkers. "The huge impact of the campaign with consumers is clear from research." This is part of £22m support for the brand this year. {{DRINKS }}