Nisa stores have put in a another good performance, six months on from our first visit. Stella Artois was the star buy, with all stores offering cans with 13.5% extra free at prices much cheaper than the multiples. Buying a four-pack at the Chapel House Stores knocked 71p from the full price of £4.20, and at Nisa, Newton Heath, there was 47p off the full price of £3.96. The City Superstore at Cardiff again offered the best value four-pack at £3.19. The store was on a busy road which hampered parking, but it had a good c-store offering which included a Link cash machine. The only missing line was a standard Mars bar. Saleems Food & Wine store near Glasgow didn't sell Stella Artois but our shopper was attracted by the small village store's tidy, well stocked shelves and polite staff who packed bags without being asked. The Newton Heath branch was the only store to supply a full basket and, for the second time, provided the cheapest at £10.31 ­ 76p cheaper than in April. Out of stocks affected the Chapel House Stores because it was waiting for Coke and Marlboro Lights to be delivered, however the absence of these items did not prevent our shopper being impressed by the display of goods, particularly bakery and butchery. {{GROCER 33 }}