Winner: Morrisons Ty Glas, Cardiff

Store manager: Chris Ellis

Opened: 1989

Size: 34,000 sq ft

Nearest rivals: Sainsbury’s - 0.9 miles; Tesco - 2 miles; Asda - 3.2 mile

Market share: 10.8%

Store data source: Analysis by CACI. Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000

This is Morrisons’ fourth win of 2014. Is there a sense of things getting better? There definitely is; we just had our big conference and the management went through a lot of new initiatives. Obviously I can’t tell you what these are but I think it is a strong plan and the leadership is clear. It is a positive place to be working at the moment.

Some of these have already started, like the Weekly Wowzer deals - how are they working? They have been very successful, a real focal point for the store. Excuse the pun, but shoppers really are wowed by the offers. It not just these, but also the Best of the Store and Best of the Street deals are going down very well with customers. Our existing customers love them and they are attracting new shoppers into the store. We have to do our best to keep them as regular customers. It certainly seems to be working - footfall is up and basket spend in also up.

Availability is crucial. Have the new order tablets improved matters? Definitely, we started using the new tablets in November and they are a fantastic tool. They make ordering a lot easier and really came into their own over the Christmas period, when our availability was exceptional.

Our shopper visited the store on Valentine’s Day. How was trading for that? Strong; we traded very positively. Champagne and wine sales were up as well as flowers and fresh produce. We had some massive promotions and had great sales of steaks from the butcher’s counter and fish as well.

So what do you put the success of the store down to? We have a fantastic team here. They are absolutely committed to delivering the best service they can on a daily basis. Their passion and desire for their own individual jobs is second to none. I have a lot of natural leaders within the team and my job is to work with them to ensure we are all delivering on a consistent basis.