Winner: Tesco, South Queensferry, Edinburgh
Deputy manager: Paul Hobbin
When opened: 2001
Size: 40,000 sq ft
Nearest rivals: Asda - 4.3 miles, Morrisons - 4.4 miles, Sainsbury’s - 6.4 miles

Store data source: Analysis by CACI. Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000

What is the biggest priority in store in the run-up to Christmas? We’ve had a really big drive in the past month to improve the availability of key lines and especially in the run-up to Christmas. It’s a huge focus for us right across the board in store, and customers have really begun to recognise it. It’s so important that those key lines are on the shelf.

What improvements have you made in store recently? We’ve had the bakery revamped, with 40 new items in this store alone. We’ve also launched hundreds of new frozen items.

What’s been the result of the new range? There’s been a huge sales uplift. We’ve seen a 68% sales uplift across frozen, which is tremendous.

How has the store adapted to the upmarket area of South Queensferry? We’ve got a huge Finest range, probably 30% to 40% more than some other Tesco stores not in such upmarket areas and we’re going to be looking at doing even more. But I do think we are also competing much better on price. I feel we’re miles closer to Asda.

What do you make of the new TV ads? I think they are the best ones we’ve ever had and I love the fact they are really upbeat, unlike some of the other retailers.

How have customers been responding to Click & Collect? We’ve seen a massive boom. We usually make about £3,500 a week on Click & Collect. Last week we did £9,000 which I think is a record. We’re looking at £100,000 this year alone, much of which is extra sales.

How prepared are you for an Arctic winter? We’ve done a lot. We’ve been working with the council to provide gritters for the car parks and paths. If we didn’t, nobody would be able to move when the snow comes.

Forth Road Bridge - architectural miracle or eyesore? Miracle. And recently there has been a lot of work carried out to stop the congestion on it too, which is great news for us.