Winner: Tesco Extra, Toton
Opened: 2003
Size: 60,000
Store deputy manager: Richard Bradford
Nearest rivals: Asda - 0.8 miles, Sainsbury’s - 2.2 miles, Morrisons - 3.2 miles
Market share: 21.2%
Store data source: Analysis by CACI. Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000

Store data source: Analysis by CACI. Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000So how was Christmas? We were very busy and people seemed to be determined to have a good time and were certainly out spending money.

Did you make any changes to the store for the festive season? We created an extra fruit and veg section at the front of the store, along with a few other Christmas lines and it proved really popular. We made sure that the most popular Christmas lines were always available.

Did you manage to keep the shelves stocked? Our availability was good right up until Christmas Eve. People could walk in and get a turkey and all the trimmings right up until the last minute, which was great.

Anything that proved particularly popular? Our deli was a big success. We were offering whole fresh turkeys, as well as a cheeseboard that customers could put together at the deli. This was an idea from a young lady on the deli counter and it went down really well.

Why do you think you won store of the week? I think the biggest thing has been the work we’ve done to improve staff morale. We’ve been working really hard at making sure people are happy to work here and that really comes across to the customers. In September, 39 of our staff climbed Mount Snowdon and we raised more than £4,000 for Cancer Research. That was great for building team morale.

Did many people abandon the traditional Christmas shop in favour of click & collect? We have both click & collect and home delivery services from the store and both were very busy. Click & collect is just building and building every week as people realise how convenient it is, but it was still busy in store - though maybe with a few less trolleys about.

Has staff and customer morale been dented by the appalling weather? It has been very wet but people still seemed to be in the Christmas spirit.