More than two-thirds of shoppers would be prepared to pay for plastic bags to fit their shopping in if they find themselves without enough free options, according to new research from Nielsen.

The study found that 65% of shoppers would pay for additional bags, compared with 24% who said they would curtail the amount of shopping they bought on a trip if they picked up more than the bags they brought with them could fit.

The study also claimed 72% of shoppers believed that the 5p per bag charge, which came in on 5 October, was reasonable.

Asked how their shopping behaviour might change as a result of the charge, most shoppers said they planned to bring in re-usable bags in response: 37% said they already brought re-usable bags with them most of the time, and 34% said they planned to start doing so. A further 16% said they would be most likely to buy a bag for life; if available, while just 8% said they would simply pay the 5p charge.

Nielsen also reported that 73% said they would consider using smaller stores that offered bags for free.

“Retailers need to consider their shoppers’ opinions to the charge and consider ways to ensure their shoppers are not discouraged by the new rules,” said Nielsen senior shopper research manager Sophie Jones.

“The majority of shoppers are set to bring their own bags or start using bags for life but the new rules could help drive growth in more traditional convenience channels.”