Morrisons The Best Range

Morrisons has officially relaunched its premium label range as The Best, as it continues to move towards a clearer own label proposition and away from the proliferation of sub-brands that sprang up during the Dalton Philips era.

The retailer kickstarted a major new marketing push for The Best on Monday with TV and press ads as well as in-store activity.

Morrisons has been gradually reinstating The Best lines since April this year, having ditched the range four years ago in favour of a variety of ­sub-brands featuring the letter M.

M Signature and M Bistro have now been dropped, while its mid-tier M Kitchen ready meal lines are now simply branded Morrisons.

It had originally inherited the name The Best as a result of its acquisition of Safeway in 2004.

The range currently consists of 470 products, including 174 new lines.

The latest TV ads, which aired this week, feature products such as The Best Slow Cooked British Beef Brisket, The Best Canadian Lobster & Cromer Crab Macaroni Cheeese and The Best Apple Frangipane Tart. Different from the retailer’s current Morrisons Makes It campaign - the ads feature a close-up of the product against a black background with a voiceover espousing its quality credentials.

Morrisons customer and marketing director Andy Atkinson said that it had listened to customers who said its “top tier had not been delivering”.

“This is about simplicity and quality,” he explained. It is really early days but so far we are pleased with the reaction from customers and colleagues.”

There will also be tastings for customers in store and staff are being given money-off coupons for the range to give them more of an opportunity to try them. Atkinson said it was important for staff to experience the products as much as shoppers.