Co-op wine

Co-op wine, soon to be slected by its members

The Co-op is letting its members pick its latest new wine launch.

As part of its Member Voice initiative, the retailer plans to launch a new white wine in October.

But apart from the colour, the rest of the decisions are being left up for grabs, from the grape variety and tasting notes, to its name and the label design.

“Co-op performance in white wine is showing significant growth ahead of the market and is an area of the category we are trying to add a little excitement to,” said Co-op wine buyer Joseph Turner.

“The member wine initiative brings a bit of fun to the wine category and we’re really excited to see what our members come up with. It’s really exciting to allow consumers to be involved in the decision making and we are eager to see what the product will look like when it launches later in the year.”

Later this month, members will be asked to choose the grape variety, with a name being picked for the wine in April.

Later dates will see other landmarks such as submitting and voting for the best label.

“We believe the best people to talk about our products are our members. And this wine project is just one of the ways in which members are working with us to help develop great products and services,” said the Co-op Member Voice lead Mark Robinson-Field.

“By engaging our member base of five million, we’re demonstrating that there are major benefits to being a Co-op member. No other retailer has this member base to call on and we believe that having members play an active role in what is on our shelves is important.”