Flavoured drinks made from whey, that very unglamorous byproduct of the cheese-making process, could be the next big thing in the health market - judging by the huge number of products on display at Anuga.
Whey was being drunk for medicinal purposes as far back as 4BC. And today’s suppliers of whey-based products are quick to claim an exhaustive list of natural benefits for the so-called serum of milk.
They say it’s fat-free; has all the nutrients of milk; provides easily digestible protein; and is even said to be a natural beauty product due to its minerals, vitamins and lactose.
Tapping into all these claims was Luxembourg dairy Luxlait, which was showing Wellness 4 drinks - said to be designed to help regenerate the body.
There are three variants: vitality (whey mixed with ginseng, green tea, gingko and guarana); vitamin (flavoured with orange, lemon and carrot); and beauty formula (which contains aloe vera as well as apple and lychee).
Austrian company Tirol Milch, which has been supplying whey-based products in its domestic market for 25 years, went a step further than most at Anuga with the launch of Lattella Life.
This fruit and whey-based drink is claimed to supress people’s appetites, therefore making it the ultimate weight-control product.
Suppliers such as Swiss company Züger Frischkäse and Germany’s Bauer Milch were among those tapping into the sports market, as they claim whey can be made into low-calorie isotonic drink - which provides a natural alternative to existing products.