Fine food suppliers are gearing up for a surge in demand this Christmas as Delia Smith's new Festive Season book hit shelves this week.

In a return to the celebrity cook's roots, Delia's Happy Christmas champions 18 fine food suppliers in a section called Armchair Shopping: Christmas Delivered. Product details are listed alongside contact numbers and websites.

Kelly's Turkey Farms would lay on an extra two telephone staff to handle the expected increase in enquiries, said managing director Paul Kelly. "When Delia mentions you it has a big impact," he said, predicting sales growth of 10% to 15% . "Her last Christmas book put us on the map 20 years ago. We were a struggling family firm until then. When Delia said we were credible, everyone believed it."

Jane Asher Party Cakes & Sugarcraft has also taken on two seasonal staff for the first time, after its shooting-star cookie cutter and star sparklers were mentioned in the book. "The sales increase is already happening," said manager David Trumper. "The book is being serialised in You magazine and we've already been inundated with calls. The Delia Effect is back. Last year we saw it with Nigella, but no-one does it like Delia."

Trumper also praised Smith's professionalism in contacting suppliers in advance and giving them the opportunity to stock up on supplies.

Bookham Fine Foods described the mention of its vegetarian Parmesan cheese as "superb news". The book was part of a nostalgia-inspired trend towards traditional cooking, said MD Rob Bookham. "People seem to be going back to basics and I think Delia is a supporter of that. I'm chuffed to bits."

Unlike Delia's previous book, How to Cheat at Cooking, the new book includes few major brands. One exception is Guinness, which features in a venison braised in Guinness and pork with pickled walnuts concoction. "We are delighted that Guinness has been included in the new cookbook," said a spokesman. "Guinness works very well as an ingredient in food and we're pleased it has been recognised by a culinary great as well regarded as Delia Smith."

Drambuie marketing director Miranda Rennie called the liqueur's mention "a real seal of approval from a culinary legend."