These are the locations of UK food manufacturing, packing and farming facilities where coronavirus outbreaks have been confirmed, and a timeline of when they were revealed



11 May   

Unions call for urgent action after a worker at Northern Irish meat producer Moy Park’s Dungannon site dies after contracting Covid-19.

15 May

Three workers at a Cranswick meat processing factory near Barnsley die after an outbreak of coronavirus. 

17 June

A major outbreak at the 2 Sisters food factory in Anglesey, North Wales is revealed with 51 confirmed cases. The number of people infected rises to over 200 within a week.

The factory is closed on 18 June after the personal intervention of 2 Sisters founder Ranjit Singh, despite having carried on operating since 28 May when the outbreak was first uncovered by management.

Following the news, Welsh authorities scrap plans for local schools to re-open and consider imposing a lockdown on the island of Anglesey. 

19 June  

Almost 40 staff at Oscar Mayer-owned Rowan Foods test positive for Covid-19. The Wrexham site has a total workforce of 1,500 and the number of confirmed cases rises to 97 five days later. 

An Asda meat factory in  Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire is closed after an outbreak is reported to have left around 100 workers self-isolating. The factory is set to reopen this week but numbers of confirmed cases are yet to be confirmed.

24 June

Public Health Wales reveals it is investigating another incident centred on the Kepak Food Group plant in Merthyr Tydfil, with initial reports of 33 cases since April.

23 June

Canned food giant Princes confirms a total of 19 Covid-19 cases at its Wisebch site and a 24-hour site closure.

26 June

Tulip confims three cases at its Tipton plant, with a further 16 employees in self-isolation - taking the total cases at the West Midlands factory to 35 since March. 

3 July

Young’s Seafood’s Annan plant in Dumfries & Galloway is identified as ‘high-risk’ following the identification of a Covid-19 cluster in the Scottish Borders. One plant employee is also confirmed to have contracted the virus, though Young’s stressed the worker had been on holiday since 19 June and contracted the virus “as a result of community contact with an external party”.

The staff member had made no contact with anybody from the site since going on holiday, Young’s added. Precautionary testing over the coming days of 134 employees at the site returned negative results.

3 July

2 Sisters Food Group confirms it has reopened its Llangefni site, a fortnight after production was temporarily halted. By 12 July, Public Health wales had confirmed a total of 221 cases at the plant, alongside 138 at Kepak’s Merthyr factory and 305 at Rowan Foods in Wrexham.

12 July

Some 73 cases are confirmed at Herefordshire-based veg grower AS Green & Co, with a total of 200 workers self-isolating. The outbreak is the first to be recorded at a farm in the UK.