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Source: Logistics UK

Dan Myers, XPO Logistics UK&I MD, in the Crick site: ‘We will continue to maintain our investment in minimising and mitigating the impact of the supply chain on our planet’

XPO logistics has turned its main distribution centre in the UK completely carbon neutral six months ahead of schedule.

Amid industry concerns that the government is not supporting logistics businesses enough in their journey to net zero emissions, the company has accelerated its efforts to make its Northamptonshire hub a carbon neutral site.

The 350,000 sq ft Crick centre encompasses both its headquarters and national distribution hub.

XPO achieved the goal with a combination of switching to renewable energy supply, including wind, solar, and hydro, replacing all lighting with LEDs throughout offices and warehouse, and monitoring water usage across the site and introducing measures to reduce consumption.

It also worked with a waste contractor to achieve zero waste to landfill, ramped up recycling efforts, and had reuse initiatives for scrap packaging including wood, metal and high-grade card.

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Source: Logistics UK

The 350,000 sq ft site is now carbon neutral certified

Supply chain and logistics operators raised concerns last week that the government’s rowback on a series of green measures could impact progress in the sector as it transitioned to full decarbonisation.

Many worried that private investment in decarbonising the sector could slow down as a result of Rishi Sunak’s net zero announcement.

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But the recent policy changes “have not detracted or deflected from our own sustainability commitments or those of our clients”, said Dan Myers, XPO Logistics UK&I MD.

“Working together we will continue to maintain our investment in minimising and mitigating the impact of the supply chain on our planet.

“This is important to each and every one of our stakeholders from our respective employees, communities we operate within and serve, and our shareholders, it is simply good business sense.”

XPO’s head of sustainability, Nicholas Head, added that since the 2050 policy framework for decarbonisation of freight transport remained in place, the company was “committed to maintaining the progress we have made to date and have invested in to set us on the journey toward a zero-emission future for logistics”.