Carlsberg Together Towards Zero

Carlsberg is cracking down on its carbon footprint with a push to achieving zero emissions from its breweries by 2030.

The Danish beer giant has kicked off a sustainability programme called Together Towards Zero, developed in partnership with “leading global experts using a science-based approach” and aligned with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

Carlsberg’s plans to deliver emission reductions “go beyond the base level of ambition set out in the Paris agreement”, the company said.

It will also seek to halve water usage at its facilities by 2030, having worked with WWF International to identify breweries situated in areas with a high risk of water scarcity.

In the interim, Carlsberg intends to transition exclusively to renewable electricity and double distribution of alcohol-free beer by 2022. It will also provide responsible drinking messaging and nutritional information online as well as on packaging, and form “partnerships to encourage responsible consumption”.

The brewer is also targeting a year-on-year reduction of “unacceptable” workplace accident rates among employees.

The Together Towards Zero programme would set “new industry standards for science-based and partnership-driven sustainability”, said Carlsberg CEO Cees ‘t Hart. “I’m certain that in achieving our targets we’ll create efficiency improvements, risk reduction and a more resilient business.”

Carlsberg’s further plans include the establishment of a “community of young scientists” led by its Research Laboratory, which it said would “help foster further scientific developments within CO2, water and sustainable brewing to the benefit of the group and wider society”.