A Tory MP has announced plans to launch an initiative to buy up food deemed too unattractive by supermarkets and sell it on to consumers.

Ugly Food will be run on a non-for-profit basis, selling food under the slogan ‘Tasty but not perfect - just like you!’

Laura Sandys, the Conservative MP for South Thanet, announced her plan during a parliamentary debate on rising food prices and food poverty yesterday.

Ugly Food would buy up food rejected by supermarkets for aesthetic reasons and be “open to all small producers to market their foods with new branding and a new logo” she told the House of Commons.

“There are a phenomenal number of small suppliers who have food rejected because their produce is not perfect. We should look to create a market for that food, so that we do not waste it.”

A spokeswoman for Sandys told The Grocer the initiative was still at a very early stage but a formal launch in the Commons was planned over the coming months. It was likely that Ugly Food would initially be piloted locally in Sandys’ East Kent constituency, in association with local farmers and supermarkets.