The online retailer said it was also ”investigating alternatives to plastic bags”

Ocado will remove non-recyclable PVC and polystyrene from own-label ranges by Christmas, followed by black plastic by spring next year, the retailer said this morning.

The online supermarket is on course to make the reductions in plastic use after signing the UK Plastics Pact in April. The industry collaboration, spearheaded by Wrap, represents a commitment to eliminate “problematic and unnecessary” single-use plastic packaging by 2025.

Ocado has so far made reductions that will save “seven million pieces of non-recyclable packaging from landfill, burning or the ocean” annually, the supermarket said.

Popular products to have already moved to plastic claimed to be recycled by 74% of UK councils include dips, growing herbs, tomatoes, and some salmon and chicken lines.

The Grocer revealed last month how Ocado had introduced ‘low plastic’ and ‘recyclable’ categories on its website, allowing customers to browse only products matching the criteria. Today the firm added a ‘widely recycled’ category.

Other supermarkets to have cut back on plastic include Iceland, which last week said it had eliminated 3,000 tonnes annually following a commitment in January to banish it altogether from own-label lines by 2023.

“We’re on a mission to become the UK’s most environmentally-friendly supermarket,” said Suzanne Westlake, Ocado’s head of corporate responsibility and corporate affairs.

She added: “We’ve got a team of people investigating alternatives to plastic bags.”