Lyons Seafoods has added a line of MSC-certified coldwater prawns to Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range. Lyons, one of Europe’s largest processors of prawns, said it had been working with suppliers for two years to achieve MSC status and to bring the prawns, sourced from the north west Atlantic, to market. It is thought to be the first time the prawns have entered the UK market.

The company aimed to source all its prawns from certified sustainable sources long-term, said commercial director Paul Vita. “Our vision is to move towards becoming a 100% sustainable shellfish business,” he added.

The prawns bolster Lyons’ responsibly sourced UK seafood offering, which already includes a line of MSC-certified Patagonian scallops.

The prawns went into Sainsbury’s stores this week, selling for £2.99 for a 220g pack.