Nick Palmer, 46, a management accountant from Sonning Common in Berkshire I thought the Cream was smooth, light, a little thin on fruit, but a typical good cream sherry. It did not taste as strong as the 18% alcohol on the label, which itself seems stronger than a typical sherry would be. The price is similar or slightly less than Harveys Bristol Cream against which I assume it would compete. It is difficult to see why I would depart from the traditional brands such as Harveys for a Christmas drink. The Ruby was reminiscent of a light port in smell and taste. It would be cheap for a port, so anyone liking this kind of style and not wanting something as heavy might go for it. I preferred the Cream to the Ruby. Success will depend on the marketing and advertising. If they actually market it as a sherry style, then the price point is too high. If they market it as something else, with a modern fresh image and back it with massive advertising, then maybe it would do better. Rating out of 25 ­ 8 {{DRINKS }}