The organisers behind the Make Mine Milk campaign are gearing up to extend their activities beyond dairy processors for the first time, with plans to involve retailers and farmers.

The three-year generic campaign, which this month celebrates its first anniversary, is currently being championed and funded by the UK's largest dairy processors, with EU match-funding. Its activities have to date revolved around press and social media campaigns promoting the benefits of low-fat milk but have not included retailer promotions or other in-store activities.

Milk Marketing Forum chairman Sandy Wilkie said the Make Mine Milk team had recently started talking to retailers, and he was confident there would be retail activity soon, particularly around Team Milk, which was launched by Make Mine Milk in December and involves five Olympic athletes promoting milk in the run up to London 2012.

Retailer involvement could entail PoS including shelf strips and possibly on-pack or label promotions, Wilkie added, although he stressed Make Mine Milk had to be careful not to promote specific retailers or brands because it received EU funding.

The campaign organisers were also keen to get farmers involved, Wilkie said. "There is currently no financial contribution to the campaign from milk producers, which is a wee bit disappointing," he said. "But we hope that as the campaign progresses, there will be a desire from farmers to be involved." As a first step, they will soon be able to apply to have Make Mine Milk banners in their fields.

Make Mine Milk's first year had already proved successful, Wilkie said, with the organisers meeting their goal of changing consumers' attitudes towards milk.

Milk volume sales were also up 1.8% year-on-year [Kantar Worldpanel 52w/e 20 February], but Wilkie warned it was too far early to tell whether that was down to the campaign or to the aggressive prices and promotions run by the supermarkets.