Deliveroo Plus Diamond - Hedonism Wines

Deliveroo has launched an invitation-only subscription service that will offer members priority delivery, dedicated customer care teams and access to restaurants unavailable to other users.

The aggregator app’s Plus Diamond subscription – which costs £19.99 per month – also offers 10% credit back on orders of £30 and an on-time promise, where if an order arrives more than 15 minutes late customers get their money back.

Diamond members will also be invited to exclusive food events, “connecting like-minded foodies to unforgettable experiences” such as an exclusive evening with renowned chef John Javier, and pasta-making classes led by expert chefs at Pasta Evangelists.

The premium service will also give customers access to exclusive partners reserved only for those with Plus Diamond membership. Exclusive Plus Diamond partners include Vori, Lavo, Izakaya at Dreams, Min Jiang, Hedonism Wines, and The Black Farmer, with further partnerships to be announced soon.

Deliveroo CEO Will Shu said it was the “biggest innovation” in the Plus programme since its inception.

“It’s really targeted at our top users,” he said, who get “that emotional feeling of ‘wow I can get this amazing place on Deliveroo’” as well as “something even on top of that”.

The launch of Plus Diamond was “an important step”, the company said, in Deliveroo’s aim to become a “Plus-first business” by 2026. It’s ambition is for the majority of orders to come from Plus subscribers. Deliveroo was the first to introduce a loyalty programme in the industry in 2017 and presently around 40% of orders come from Plus customers.

“We know how central delivery is to the lifestyle of our top customers so we have designed Plus Diamond to enhance the areas that are most important to our highest frequency customers across selection, speed, care and more – delivering our best possible service,” said Abi Horner, product director, loyalty at Deliveroo. “With priority delivery on every order, a very generous on-time promise and a ring-fenced care team, we believe that Plus Diamond is the strongest service proposition available in our industry.”

Plus Diamond joins two other Plus subscription tiers: Gold and Silver. Silver subscribers pay £3.49 a month for free delivery on restaurant orders over £15 and grocery orders over £25. Gold subscribers pay £7.99 for lower free delivery thresholds, discounted fees and £5 credit if orders arrive later than expected.

Alongside the launch of Plus Diamond, Deliveroo has introduced the 10% credit back on orders over £30 to the Gold tier.

Plus members spend three times as much as regular customers, the company said, were twice as likely to try a restaurant that was new to the platform, and twice as likely to top up their order with non-food products.

“The enhanced loyalty programme will play an important role in driving growth for Deliveroo,” the company said.

Of Plus Diamond, Shu added: “Put simply, it will be the best way to get the most out of Deliveroo.”