Just Eat app

Source: Just Eat Takeaway.com

Just Eat is launching an AI-powered assistant on its app so users can build and customise orders via chat messaging or their voice.

The assistant, which is being piloted in the UK in the coming weeks, will be further developed to offer “advanced personalisation” and help consumers “discover new partners, offering personalised recommendations, delivering regular order updates and providing AI assistance for specific questions” the company said.


Following the UK launch, the AI assistant will be rolled out to other countries with tests in several languages in the next few months.

“Just Eat Takeaway.com is continually evolving its technology to help people discover and try new foods and more generally, help them find what they want more quickly whether that be at home, in the office or with friends,” said Mert Öztekin, chief technology officer. “And testing new innovations is one of the ways we respond to growing consumer demand for convenience and choice while fostering a trustworthy and seamless experience.”

A demonstration of the assistant, shared with The Grocer, shows capability for users to write in an item description and have a matching item from a restaurant added to their basket, as well as state “I want something healthy” to be served suggestions in their area.

Last month, Just Eat rival Uber Eats announced its own AI assistant within its app, with which consumers will be able to converse to discover new products, find deals and quickly repeat order.

The AI assistant will launch in the UK by early 2024, the company said, with future iterations promising to “make it easy for consumers to meal plan, find sales on grocery items, and quickly order ingredients for their favourite recipes while sticking to a budget”.