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Source: Stuart

Grocery home delivery app Snappy Shopper has partnered with on-demand delivery company Stuart – which serves as delivery partner for Tesco and Co-op’s one-hour delivery offerings – so convenience stores can more readily tap its nationwide fleet of couriers.

Until now, retailers listing their products on the Snappy Shopper app had in most cases handled the last mile themselves, “which could involve hiring local drivers, utilising store staff, and deploying various vehicles to ensure orders were delivered within 60 minutes” explained Snappy Shopper’s VP of retail media, groups and business development Greg Deacon.

The new partnership, which follows similar deals with courier delivery platforms Nash, Orkestro, and Gophr, offers “even greater flexibility to both existing and new stores”.

“These integrations allow stores to access a pool of drivers across different platforms, ensuring sufficient coverage and maintaining quality,” Deacon said. “Stores can utilise this service as needed, either as a supplement during busy periods or as the primary delivery method from the outset.”

The move “eliminates barriers for new stores looking to join the Snappy marketplace” Deacon added.

The consumer-facing Snappy Shopper app lists products from hundreds of retailers, including independents and symbol groups such as Premier, Co-op, Costcutter and Nisa. From June, 250 company-owned One Stop stores will join the platform.

It promises incremental sales, with 80% of app shoppers being new to the stores they purchase from, and an average basket spend of £26.

“Our partnership with Stuart further solidifies our dedication to revolutionising the local delivery landscape,” said Mike Callachan, CEO and co-founder of Snappy Shopper. “By leveraging Stuart’s platform, we can ensure customers receive their orders faster than ever before, while supporting local businesses and communities.”

The partnership with Stuart gives both retailers and end-customers real-time order tracking updates, and SMS and email live tracking of couriers. It also enables deliveries from 9am to 11pm, 364 days a year.

“Connecting with Stuart’s on-the-ground fleet of independent couriers will allow grocers to streamline delivery operations, driving positive outcomes for both consumers and businesses,” said Stuart UK gneral manager John Gillan.