Unilever has tapped TikTok’s community of ‘cleanfluencers’ for an in-store activation with Asda, to promote its household brands.

The “disruptive” activation sees interactive digital screens placed at the front of the store, on which shoppers can select their cleaning interest – “whether that be bathroom, kitchen, home, garden, or general cleaning needs”. Upon clicking, they are presented with a choice of three TikTok videos.

The #cleantok tagged videos show “cleaning transformations featuring our world-leading brands” Unilever’s Jo Taylor, customer director Asda, told The Grocer.


The activation – which also features branded blinkers, gondola ends and a seasonal aisle bay, all of which showcase Unilever household brands and a QR code directing shoppers to the company’s ‘Cleanipedia’ TikTok page – was designed to “educate shoppers on the superiority of our Unilever household products and communicate their usage in an unmissable way” Taylor said.

“We know how mesmerising #CleanTok videos are and so what better way to captivate Asda shoppers at point of purchase than by showing these videos on digital screens placed at the front of store?” she added.


#CleanTok content – which involves TikTokers posting deep cleans of grubby kitchens and bathrooms and clothing stain removal tips – had become “an absolute phenomenon” Taylor said.

“This content is really resonating with people and believe it or not, views of #CleanTok have surpassed other trending hashtags such as #BeautyTok by more than 20 billion views and growing,” she added.


“Enhancing the in-store experience for shoppers is something we are investing in as a business to ensure they remain engaged and excited about our products. It also allows us to showcase the value and superiority that our products can offer.”