Supermarket shoppers in the US are being targeted by a new touchscreenbased coupon system that offers savings while they shop.

Savvy Penny has been on trial for a year in a single store in Florida but is now being rolled out to 14 stores in New York with a view to a wider rollout.

Customers register for the scheme when they visit a participating store by entering their mobile number into a Savvy Penny kiosk. Via one of the interactive touchscreens located throughout the store, they then tap the last four digits of the number in to identify themselves and are presented with a range of offers on products in that aisle .

At the till, they again enter the last four digits and the vouchers are automatically redeemed from the bill. As a buying history is built up, the offers become more personalised.

Retailers and manufacturers can limit coupons, cap savings for a particular brand, or can quickly create new coupons or alter existing ones.

“Our system is completely paperless and all consumer interaction takes place at the store,” said a spokeswoman. “Consumers select the coupons right where they buy the products.”