coca cola

Coca-Cola is using OpenAI’s full suite of tools, including ChatGPT and Dall-e, although exactly for what it has not said. Marketing, however, is expected to be the main focus.

“We must embrace the risks. We need to embrace those risks intelligently, experiment, build on those experiments, drive scale – but not taking risks is a hopeless point of view to start from,” said Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey, announcing the company’s OpenAI partnership.



Elodie Perthuisot, the French supermarket’s e-commerce chief, shared a video post on LinkedIn earlier this year showing a photo-realistic, computer generated human avatar responding to customer questions like how they can purchase healthier, cheaper food via the grocer’s website with ChatGPT-generated answers.

“As we explore them we always keep our customers and how to better serve them as our guiding compass,” Perthuisot wrote.



Shopify’s consumer app, Shop, is used by 100 million shoppers and now has a ChatGPT-powered “shopping BFF” to allow shoppers to converse with the assistant. In a demo, a user says they are going on a camping trip.

The AI asks them where they are going, at what time of year, their size and style, with the conclusion a hyper-personalised choice of suitable products. The bot is also “ready to talk products, trends, and maybe even the meaning of life”, Shopify adds.



Grocery shopping requires a lot of thought. But “what if AI could take on that mental load?” asks JJ Zhuang, chief architect at personal shopper and delivery service Instacart.

“We could help the household leaders… and actually make grocery shopping truly fun,” he adds. Its new ChatGPT-based feature – Ask Instacart – enables users to ask questions (such as what’s a healthy lunch for my kids?) to help them to create and refine shopping lists.

atwater brewery

Night Shift Brewing

Molson Coors-owned Atwater Brewery tapped ChatGPT to help it come up with a new beer.

“I asked it to write me an IPA recipe, and it gave me a homebrew-scale recipe. So I asked it to scale the recipe to 20 barrels to fit our brew system, which it was able to do,” says Atwater’s quality assurance manager, Joe Platt.

The result: a 6.9%, four-hop ‘AI IPA’. “We just accepted what the robots told us,” says Atwater president Katy McBrady, “which I’m sure is the beginning of a science fiction film.”

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