Tesco is rolling out hot food-to-go counters next to its sandwich chillers, following the success of Cornish pasty counters in its south west stores.

Rowe's bakery in Cornwall said its range of pasties, steak slices and sausage rolls was generating average turnover of £1,000 a week in the 22 stores with its counters. They were originally positioned at the back of the store, near the bakery, but were making just £400 a week. "When they were moved to the sandwich and drink section, turnover rose dramatically," said Jon Foster, Rowe's national account director.

Rowe's makes the pasties at its plant in Cornwall, and the Tesco stores receive the frozen product, which they cook in their bakery ovens.

The roll-out will see Rowe's almost triple its counter business with Tesco. "We currently have 22 pasty units in Tescos in the south west, mostly in Devon and Cornwall," said Foster. "Tesco plans to extend this to at least an additional 40 stores within the next year, which will all be branded Rowe's."

Tesco local marketing manager Jo Wren said the hot counters would feature products made locally and would vary depending on area. For example, products such as Scotch pies would be sourced north of the border.