Tesco.com is in talks with a number of medium sized European and US retailers to offer home shopping fulfilment services. Newly appointed Tesco.com chairman Tim Mason ­ also Tesco marketing director ­ said Tesco.com wanted allies with a good brand and knowledge of the home market and the right range and offer. "We're investigating whether there is the opportunity for a domestic internet front end and Tesco.com fulfilment back end." Tesco.com is also eyeing some of its existing markets ­ including Dublin and South Korea as well as Taiwan ­ for a potential roll out of the home shopping service. "We've got businesses around the world where the demographic and economic development and the penetration of the net mean they're ready for home shopping." Tesco.com is also looking to take its service on to digital tv but says the costs charged by UK channel providers are prohibitively high. A stand off is anticipated. Mason said: "We are in discussion with tv companies all the time. We will do something if it is right and beneficial for the Tesco brand and economically sensible. We'll make that decision on the day we're presented with a deal that's right for us." - Tesco.com reportedly made an operating loss of £11.2m on sales of £125m last year. With an anticipated 1.5 million shoppers by the end of 2000, it expects to break even in the next two years. {{NEWS }}