tesco delivery van

Tesco has announced it is increasing its minimum spend for free online delivery, from £40 to £50.

It is also increasing the charge for customers who fail to reach the minimum spend from £4 to £5 from that date.

The move, which kicks in from 2 May, comes as the supermarket looks at ways to increase the profitability of its online operations, having launched a controversial move to persuade suppliers to sign up for new fulfilment charges.

For Tesco’s click & collect orders, the minimum basket value will remain at £25, with a surcharge for baskets under £5.

In comparison to Tesco’s latest move, Sainsbury’s requires a minimum spend of £40 or shoppers have to pay a £7 fee. Asda requires customers spend £40 or face a £3 charge.

“To ensure we can continue to serve our online customers as effectively as possible, from 2 May we are making some changes to our minimum basket threshold, the first change we are making in nearly eight years,” said a Tesco spokesman.

“For the vast majority of our customers, there will be no change to the way they shop.”

However, some shoppers have taken to social media to vent their anger at the move.

One shopper tweeted: “Can you please explain why you are increasing your delivery charges in a time when [the cost of shopping is at an all time high]?”

Another added: “Tesco has declared war on people, pensioners who have home delivery for medical reasons or don’t have transport.”