Tesco is backing a new training course offering suppliers “unprecedented” access to the tools behind strategies such as Project Reset.

The new course will train suppliers on how to better understand the decisions of Tesco’s commercial teams, which it hopes will make them future “business partners” rather than simply “negotiators”.

Tesco Supplier Training is due to launch next month, run by Sentinel Management Consultants. Its CEO David Sables said the course, which is not funded by Tesco but provides full access to the tools used by Tesco’s buyers, would offer essential insight into its workings.

Suppliers who attend the one-day course will take part in simulations, which explain how Tesco has been conducting its range reviews.

“The level of insight Tesco has given is unprecedented,” said Sables. “This is something that should be viewed by the likes of Unilever and P&G as absolutely essential as well as all types of smaller suppliers.”

Tesco chief product officer Jason Tarry said suppliers on the course would have a “head start” on how to be listed and remain on shelves.

In a message to suppliers, he said: “I know in the past you have had to send us your toughest, most thick skinned negotiators. But my message to suppliers is: don’t send me negotiators, send me business builders.This course is a great example of that, the different tools, elements, and things we use to build the offer for the business.”