Tesco is at the centre of an online campaign by taxi drivers amid speculation it is going into partnership with Uber.

The retailer is understood to be planning to allow Clubcard users to use their points from shopping to pay for journeys using the Uber app. Cab drivers are running a campaign to try to stop this.

Tesco refused to confirm or deny its plans, but said it would tell its customers first if such a link-up was to be agreed.

However, it is already facing the wrath of taxi drivers, some of whom have even called for a boycott of Tesco stores.

“I have been reliably informed by the sources that the partnership will be linked to Tesco’s Clubcard,” said Steve Kenton, editor of taxi drivers’ online news resource TaxiPoint.

“I am led to believe that any points gleaned from using your Clubcard can be redeemed against future hotel bookings and Uber rides.

“Are Tesco also comfortable with Uber’s questionable reputation and the allegations that a proportion of its drivers may not be fully insured for hire and reward, as well has having serious issues surrounding their topographical knowledge?

“This situation is not only worrying for the licensed taxi industry in London, but should be concerning the taxi industry across the UK as this will have a national effect.

“The taxi industry both London-wide and nationwide has to mobilise and lobby Tesco virulently to make sure that Tesco’s CEO is fully aware of both the situation and their responsibilities to the public.”

On social media, drivers also expressed their concern about the potential tie up.

One driver calling himself Ray tweeted: ‘National Boycott of Tesco coming on, can now use points for uber my wife has told me. Drivers up and down the country please shop elsewhere.’

Another added: ‘Tesco I’d advise you to remove any links with the toxic company Uber ASAP because taxi drivers up & down this land will boycott you.’

A Tesco spokeswoman said: “We partner with more than 400 Clubcard partners so that customers can get even more value back when shopping at Tesco.

“These include days out, weekend breaks, holidays and more. We will always let our customers know of any new partners we bring on board in the future.”