Tesco has embarked on an overhaul of its yoghurt range - introducing new packaging across its standard-tier yoghurts, new Greek-style variants and kids yoghurts.

Over the past two weeks, the retailer has delisted its old standard-tier 150g low-fat yoghurts - on sale for between 25p and 45p at the time - and replaced them with new, more premium-looking packs featuring prominent images of fruit, and retailing at an “introductory offer” of 30p [BrandView.co.uk].

The strawberry, coconut, hazelnut and cherry flavours in the old range have been replaced with like-for-like equivalents, and Tesco has added two new variants, lemon and peach.

Tesco laid the foundations of its packaging revamp last November, when it launched new 450g big pots of low-fat yoghurt in similarly vibrant packaging. The supermarket expanded this range earlier this month, adding two Greek-style variants - one honey, the other mango and passionfruit - in packs depicting a Greek amphora.

Deborah Carter, senior consultant at brand consultancy Dragon Rouge, said the new pack design was “well considered” and had a “premium feel” to it. “It cleverly depicts the fruit content without having to revert to the standard or basic fruit photography that appears to be dominant in other retailer own-label and manufacturer brand yoghurts,” she said.

Some of Tesco’s standard-tier multi-pack yoghurts still carry the old design, but Carter said she expected the new look to be rolled out to these as well.

The new packaging has already found its way into the kids yoghurt sub-category, with Tesco launching new multipacks of kids fruit yoghurts, called Fruities and Smoothies, in early March - all in the same colourful packaging, with large images of fruit.