dogtor izzy

Tesco has selected a winner for its ‘voice of the checkout’ TikTok competition, which drew more than 3,000 auditions.

The voice of 27-year-old veterinary surgeon Izzy – who goes by @DogtorIzzy and @Dogtor_Who on the social media channel – is now live on self-checkouts across nearly all Tesco stores. Her voices says the prompts “Clubcard accepted” and “Don’t forget to scan or tap your Clubcard”.

Her voice will remain on the machines until later this month, when the prompts will revert back to the original voice.

The competition was a viral hit, with the hashtag #tescovoiceofcheckout achieving more than 46.1 million views.

Izzy says she was convinced to enter the competition by followers and friends after previously sharing her impression of a “fairly generic checkout voice” made during a time when “I was quite lonely because my partner at the time, my ex, was out of the house for a week in Canada”.

She told her followers that she had been selected as the checkout voice a couple of weeks ago.

“It was very out the blue. I thought one of the really big accounts – the really, really successful videos – was going to win,” she said in a video.

“I didn’t mean to win it but I kind of… I did,” she added.

A follow-up video on TikTok by Izzy shows her and a friend visiting a Tesco store to hear her voice on the machine for the first time.

Tesco’s campaign drew auditions from Aldi, Morrisons and Co-op and has been nominated for best creative at this year’s inaugural TikTok Awards.

“We know our customers love talking about the deals they’ve bagged with us and the savings they’ve made,” a Tesco spokeswoman said. “So we were excited to launch on TikTok with a competition that played on this and celebrated the ‘thrill at the till’ customers experience when they scan their Tesco Clubcard and see the price of their shopping drop as Clubcard Prices are applied.”

“We loved watching all the entries and seeing how creative our customers are, and are thrilled that the winner’s voice is now live,” the spokeswoman added.