Tesco has revealed plans to refresh nearly a quarter of its London Express stores to target tourists and “super upmarket” office workers.

The move, following successful pilots at its Farringdon and St Paul’s Express stores, will see 44 “on the move” stores - more than a 10th of its Express stores in London - revamped in the next few months, with more than 80 stores in total earmarked for changes.

Tesco’s Fleet Street Express store is the latest to get the makeover. Changes include more space for food on the go, more self-service checkouts, but less space for ‘food for later’ and fewer manned tills.

“These stores were chosen to trial the new ‘on the move’ principles as they are located next to either popular tourist destinations like St Paul’s Cathedral, have a heavy commuter population like Farringdon Station and a large amount of officer workers like Fleet Street,” said a Tesco spokeswoman. The stores would have a “super-upmarket look and feel,” she added.

Tesco has been rolling out a number of different formats across London, including the recent launch of an “ultra convenience” format in Hammersmith.

Andrew Yaxley, Managing Director for London, said: “We have identified a number of stores, primarily in the centre of London, where we are significantly increasing our ‘food for now’ offer, a growing category in the city.

”These stores mostly cater to office workers, tourists and commuters who are looking for great quality quick meal solutions in an environment that is easy to shop and efficient with the limited time they have. That is why we have also increased self-service checkouts to minimise queuing and make it more convenient for these customers.”