Tesco is promising a technology revolution in its London stores next year - and to roll out initiatives across the UK if they are a success.

MD for London Andrew Yaxley said 2014 would see a raft of new ideas launched with London as a “test bed”.

“We have been working closely with Dunnhumby and 2014 is going to be a big year for technology,” Yaxley said. “We are going to be introducing lots of stuff, most of which will be based around convenience and speed.”

Last week, Tesco announced it would be rolling out electronic shelf labels at its Enfield superstore, following a successful trial at its Letchworth Express store in Hertfordshire, though it has been looking at that technology for almost a decade.

Other technologies being explored include: contactless payments - including MasterCard’s electronic wallet, which allows consumers to make super-fast payments further expansion of scan-as-you go, which is now in more than 200 stores and a continued extension of click & collect services.

Tesco is also arming its staff with new technology to improve availability with an app designed for use on its Hudl tablet that provides staff with up-to-date information on product availability.

“It means we don’t leave customers waiting on the shop floor while we check if we’ve got stock in the back,” said chief information officer Mike McNamara. “It also provides the exact location of all products in store and gives helpful prompts on promotions and offers that might interest customers.”

However, Tesco looks unlikely to launch a wider rollout of the virtual malls it has piloted in South Korea and Gatwick Airport, having decided the rise of smartphones and tablets makes the need for the additional infrastructure required redundant.