Tesco digital receipts

Tesco wants system to increase data capture

Tesco has launched trials of a contactless system to allow customers to dispense with paper receipts.

The retailer has joined forces with IT company Tag Retail Systems, whose Tap&Tag console provides customers with digital receipts through a smartphone app.

The system, on trial at two superstores in Harlow, plugs in between the till and printer, gathering purchase data, and sends the digital receipts via cloud-based servers.

Tesco is looking at using the technology to increase data capture and target shoppers with loyalty incentives and special offers.

“Many retailers want to satisfy the growing consumer demand for digital receipts and open up new customer loyalty and engagement channels,” said Tag Retail marketing director Kevin Kane.

“But the associated costs, technical issues and added time at the till can be a significant barrier. The major draw for Tap&Tag is we don’t have to touch the till software at all. Installation is relatively straightforward.”

This is the latest move by Tesco to make the till experience more digital. In August it launched a major expansion of its PayQwiq digital wallet app.