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From: Clipper Teas

Clipper is aiming to draw kids to the hot beverage category with this banana flavour tea. The company claims 93% of the ingredients - which include pineapple and honeybush and redbush tea - are organic.

Price: £1.29 for a pack of 20 bags

Total score: 30/50
consumers’ verdict
Alex ward, 9, with mark, 7, and greg, 6, Bristol
Mum and Dad don’t like us to have hot drinks as we’re a bit rough and knock them over. Mark and I often ask for them because they are ‘grown up’.
We all like banana-flavoured stuff, especially sweets and Mini Weetabix. Mark was a bit worried about the pineapple in the tea as he doesn’t usually like it but, in the end, he couldn’t taste it at all. He was the one who liked the tea best and wanted Mum to buy it again. Greg said it was disgusting but I thought it was OK and tasted just like real banana.
The packaging is good as leopards are one of our favourite animals. Mark really liked its smiley face but Greg and I didn’t like the background.
Mum thought the tea was good value and Dad said it had many of the things in it that they’d look for when buying food for us.
Score: 16/25
buyer’s verdict
iain troup, category manager, distributor/ mace retailer, aberness
This attempts to make tea fun for kids but do children actually want to drink it?
The packaging is fun and attractive and will appeal to youngsters. It also boasts that there are real fruit pieces in the tea and no artificial colourings and flavours, all of which will appeal to parents.
I expected an unusual flavour but the taste was just as bland as conventional fruit teas.
Score: 14/25