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dog & duck best
From: Old Kent Inns

Old Kent Inns’ new beer in Tetra Pak cartons - a UK first - will initially be on sale at off-licences in Kent but the company hopes to interest the independent sector and caterers

Price: £15.49 per 24 x 330ml pack

Total score: 22/50
consumer’s verdict
Matthew Riley, Business student, 32, birmingham
Judging Dog and Duck Best real ale purely on its looks and sound, my first thoughts were negative.
A carton for packaging makes it come across as economy class and gives it a cheap feel. I would much prefer it to come in a bottle. Also, at 330ml, it is too small. A pint size pack would have appealed much more.
I also found the overall look of the product quite uninspiring. However, when poured it has a nice golden colour which makes it very inviting. The smell of the product is also tempting and makes me want to try it despite my initial reservations. On tasting the ale I was pleasantly surprised and am happy to say that its appearance is not reflected in the taste.
But in spite of this I would probably not buy it again because I struggle with the whole idea of ale in cartons - even if it is environmentally-friendly.
Score: 10/25
buyer’s verdict
Bob redmile, wine and spirits buyer, parfett’s cash and carry
This is the first beer of any sort that I have seen in this format. It is aimed at the outdoor events, picnic and holiday market, but I can't see many ale drinkers opting to buy their beer in this sort of packaging especially as it is only in a 330ml pack.
The presentation is not eye catching and the pack would be difficult to stack on a shelf.
Because the packaging was not up to much I was not expecting great things from the product inside. However, Dog & Duck, while being a flat beer, has a good hoppy flavour and is quite drinkable. It is a golden colour but when poured into a glass is a little cloudy. The supplier is taking steps to remedy this problem. I think the product itself is OK but it will have limited appeal to ale drinkers.
Score: 12/25n Product: McV a:m breakfast snacks

nCompany: UBUK

n Launch date:
May 2003