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Sundora fruit bars
From: Sundora

Sundora’s new fruit bars, available in three varieties, contain up to 97% real fruit pieces with no added fruit pulp and are foil-packed for freshness and shelf stand-out.
Price: 39p per 35g bar

Total score: 36/50

Consumer’s verdict
Kay Longstaff, flight attendant, 32, Birmingham

The Sundora fruit bars appealed to me because it is claimed that they are 97% fruit - unlike lots of other cereal-type bars which I fear are full of sugar and too much wheat.

But the main problem I had first of all was opening the packets! I tried all flavours and with each one I had difficulty tearing the wrapper off.

I was very impressed with the Date and Hazelnut bar - this was definitely my favourite. It had a good texture and I would be tempted to add this to my breakfast meal, especially if I am in a bit of a hurry.

The other flavours were not bad, but the texture and the colours were slightly offputting.

I think 39p for these bars is a reasonable price and I would buy them again in place of chocolate as they cure that craving for sweet food.

Score: 18/25

Buyer’s verdict
Stewart Waldie, buying controller, Nisa-today’s

The presentation of the fruit bar is impactful and firmly portrays a cereal bar/countline type product. However, I can foresee consumer confusion when un-wrapping the bar as the product inside is not a standard muesli-type offering.

I imagine the product would appeal to hikers and health food champions, who either see the bar as a swift injection of energy or as a healthy alternative to chocolate or cereal breakfast bars.

Once, and if, a consumer is tempted to purchase I am sure they would agree with me that the bar tastes fine and is packed with fruit. However, I am not sure of its price positioning.

This product should primarily appeal to a niche market. Should Sundora wish to widen its appeal, I feel that it will require a marketing campaign to educate the consumer.

Score: 18/25