Heinz Condiment Sauces Rsp: £1.09 for 180ml A range of four contemporary table sauces in garlic, sundried tomato, Mediterranean olive and exotic flavours designed to encourage consumers to experiment with new tastes, which have also found a niche as barbecue accompaniments. Launched in March last year, they've averaged four-weekly sales of nearly £39,000. June was the best month with sales of more than £290,000. Burgess French Mustard Rsp: 39p for 90g Part of the Rayner Food Group's range, the product meets the growing trend for milder mustards for use with barbecue foods. Introduced last April, it benefited from being heavily featured at IFE 2001, and has continued to gain sales ever since. December was its best month at over £27,000, but it did well during the summer months and has averaged four weekly sales of £4,500. Heinz BBQ Sauce for Chicken Rsp: £1.39 for 450g With chicken a barbecue favourite plus the Heinz brand name, this sauce couldn't fail to be a winner. Part of the brand's BBQ range, it made its debut last March, achieving its best monthly sales in August at more than £25,600. Average four weekly sales are £3,500. Bick's Original BBQ Sauce Rsp 99p for 290g An addition to the brand's classic North American range, sales of the sauce have benefited from multibuy and money off promotions, either solo or linked to the relish range. Launched in April, it's best month was June when sales topped £22,000. Average four weekly sales are just over £2,000. Bick's Molten Chilli Lava (rsp: 99p/265g), launched in June, has also done well, best month being June with sales of more than £3,600. Gordon's Dijon Mustard Rsp: 67p-75p for 180g The second in a range of speciality mustards targeted at the multiples and featuring bold and punchy labelling to create shelf stand out. Launched in December, it achieved sales of £2,000 in its first recorded month. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}