Co-op is bringing Christmas on the go with a preview of its NPD and redesigns for festive sandwiches and snacking this year.

From traditional favourites to innovative twists, this range offers classic pigs in blanket crisps and a cheese lover’s brie & cranberry sandwich, but also features a brand-new currywurst-style ‘Irresistible’ Christmas market sandwich and turkey tikka masala crisps.

’Tis the season of giving, and Co-op has partnered with children’s charity Barnardo’s, aiming to raise £5m to support young people.


Irresistible Christmas Market

MAN-084336-001-RT-Christmas Market Sandwich


Remember those gigantic sausages that are the highlight of any town’s Christmas market? Co-op has decided there’s no need to brave the throngs of tourists and instead offers this currywurst-style pork sausage sandwich. From the top-tier Irresistible range, it comes with cheddar cheese, sauerkraut, tangy mustard mayo and gherkins on dark rye bread. Frohe Weihnachten (that’s ‘merry Christmas’ in German).


Pigs Under Blankets

MAN-082663 Pigs Under Blanket Sandwich render


Retailers are always trying to capitalise on the enduring popularity of pigs in blankets. This time, Co-op has gone with pigs under blankets, made with pork sausage, mayonnaise, balsamic onion chutney, smoked bacon and fried onions on malted bread.


Turkey Feast

MAN-082663 TurkeyFeastSandwich


This is a returning favourite with new festive packaging. It features turkey, sage & onion stuffing, smoky bacon, onion & stock mayonnaise, and cranberry sauce with spinach in malted bread.


Brie & Cranberry 

MAN-082663 Brie and Cranberry Sandwich render


Co-op is hoping to win over vegetarians with a brie cheese sarnie with cranberry chutney, seasoned mayonnaise and spinach on malted bread.


Boxing Day

MAN-082663 Boxing Day Feast Sandwich render


Featuring all the trimmings, this is reminiscent of Ross’s Thanksgiving leftover sandwich from Friends. However, instead of turkey, it contains roast shredded chicken, creamy cheddar, coleslaw, ham and spiced chutney on white bread. It’s also missing a moist maker.



Chicken & Stuffing Bites 

MAN-082663-007-RT-Chiken & Stuffing Bites


Move over Mattessons. Co-op is aiming to commandeer the protein snacking market with its cooked British chicken bites in a sage and onion seasoning with roasted carrot, onion and parsnip.


Festive Stuffing Scotch Egg 

MAN-082663-008-RT-Festive Stuffing Scotch Egg


Free-range egg wrapped in British pork sausage meat made with outdoor-bred pork, along with sage and onion stuffing in a golden oat and breadcrumb coating.


Festive Sausage Roll 

MAN-082663-009-RT-Festive Sausage Roll


Who said cranberry sauce was just for brie and turkey? Co-op has used it to accent sausage on its British pork rolls with cranberry sauce and sweetened dried cranberries in a baked pastry.


Irresistible Pigs in Blankets Crisps 

MAN-082693-036-RT-Pigs in Blankets Crisps


The pigs in blanket innovations know no bounds. These crinkle-cut potato crisps feature a sausage and bacon flavour seasoning.


Irresistible Ultimate Roast Potato Crisps

MAN-082693-035-RT-Ultimate Roast Potato Crisps


Potato crisps with a sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, rosemary and black pepper flavour seasoning.


Irresistible Turkey Tikka Masala Crisps

MAN-082693-034-RT-Turkey Tikka Masala Crisps


Hand-cooked British potatoes, seasoned with real cooked turkey and aromatic ground spices, to create the taste of a Boxing Day turkey curry.