In this episode our experts explore:

Scotland moves to protect retail workers

What is the new legislation implemented in Scotland? What impact will this have on the sector? How big is the issue of crime within retail? Why hasn’t this been introduced across the rest of the UK?

The opportunities presented by HFSS

HFSS legislation divides the convenience sector with many stores exempt. What are the opportunities for stores that do not have to comply with the new HFSS legislation? What about those that fall within the legislation, what are the opportunities for them? How can retailers be innovative in order entice shoppers?

The challenges posed by HFSS

Besides the obvious, what are the challenges and threats posed by the legislation? Is there a threat to symbol groups? Could unaffiliated independents avoid symbol groups to avoid the legislation? Will suppliers opt to reformulate? Should retailers turn to other categories to fill the void in restricted areas? Is there a danger that brands are focusing on other channels than convenience?