In this episode our experts explore:

The impact of Brexit on the supply chain in retail

Multiple factors over the last 18-24 months have caused disruption to the UK food & drink supply chain, resulting in staff shortages, product shortages and increased costs. Speaking at the Convenience Conference last September, former Sainsbury’s boss Justin King warned that Brexit is going to completely overshadow Covid in terms of disruption. We discuss this in detail and unpick the impact that Brexit is going to have on the UK retail supply chain.

Is convenience more vulnerable than other channels?

What about UK convenience more specifically? How has UK convenience retail been impacted so far and what should we expect over the coming months? How can retailers, suppliers and wholesalers plan for the what is to come? What support is needed?

What are the opportunities for independent retailers?

With the importing of products being more difficult, that may lead to a ‘Buy British’ movement. Are Independent retailers ideally placed to be able to take advantage of working with smaller, more local suppliers than their major multiple competitors? Is this reflected across Lumina Intelligence shopper insight?