Tesco delivery van

Name: Adrian Letts

Job title: MD for online

What measures have you brought in to improve driver service? When recruiting, we put a real focus on service skills, and everyone gets expert training and coaching in customer service skills. We also use feedback from our customers to celebrate great service from our colleagues.

How have sales of the new ‘Farms’ brands been going? We are really pleased with our customers’ response to our new brands. They are really great products at a fantastic price.

What have you done to market these 76 new products on Tesco.com? Firstly, we’ve created a part of the website to house all the brands in a single place, and to provide customers with more information. We’ve also used banners and our internal website search to help raise awareness.

How many consumers have opted out of having plastic bags for their deliveries? The proportion of bagless orders has moved from 35% before the bag charge was introduced to 60% afterwards.

How have customers responded to your raising of the minimum spend on online last year from £25 to £40? We’ve seen some of our customers doing less frequent but larger online shops. We’ve also seen more customers doing smaller ‘top-up’ shops in stores.

Are you still experimenting with click & collect locations away from stores? Yes, at the moment we have 38 non-Tesco store click & collect locations across the country. We are using them to learn what works best for both our customers and colleagues.

What impact has the extension of Amazon’s food offering had? Amazon’s online grocery service is very different to ours. I expect them to continue to innovate, but I believe our product range and variety of fulfilment options will still be compelling for many.