Source: Aldi

Guest retailer Aldi claimed a convincing pricing win in the final week of the Grocer 33 year, its fourth win from four appearances over the past 12 months.

The discounter’s £36.73 total was £4.47 cheaper than runner-up Asda despite the latter’s basket being £1.29 (or 2.9%) cheaper than this time a year ago. Aldi, whose basket was 22p cheaper than a year ago, offered the lowest price for 30 items, with 28 exclusively cheapest.

In percentage terms, Aldi was 10.8% cheaper than Asda. This represented a closing of the gap by Asda compared to Aldi’s last appearance in March, when the discounter was 12.3% cheaper.

Asda offered the lowest price for three lines and was exclusively cheapest for the Corona lager four-pack and red cabbage.

Only Asda managed to get remotely close to Aldi. Third-placed Morrisons was £8.71 more expensive at £45.44 - a difference of 19.2%. Its main highlight was a £3 offer that meant it was the cheapest place to buy the Nurofen for Children this week.

The deal was one of 16 promotions Morrisons was carrying - twice as many as the other retailers. Tesco had eight items on deal, Aldi had five, Asda four, Waitrose three and Sainsbury’s just two. This continues a trend over the past six months, with Morrisons carrying considerably more offers than the other retailers we visit.

Tesco was more than a tenner more expensive than Aldi at £47.19. This made Aldi 22.2% cheaper than the UK’s biggest grocer this week. Tesco offered the lowest price for one product, but none exclusively so.

It was a similar story for Sainsbury’s, coming in £10.98 more expensive than Aldi at £47.71, a difference of 23%.

Aldi was a third cheaper than Waitrose. The upmarket grocer was £18.22 more expensive than the discounter at £54.95.